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  • We like Blackthorn Payments because it provides us with the ability to build any process and integrate payment in whatever way we want… Blackthorn Payments is incredibly flexible and that’s why we like it.

    Jorge Fernandez
  • Being able to see all event attendance information from within Salesforce is making managing events much easier. We no longer need to export and import data.

    Ranjeeta Baijnauth
    Senior Director, Partner Solutions
  • Blackthorn’s support and developers have been incredibly helpful getting us up to speed very quickly. They seem to be putting out great new features all the time. I’m very excited to continue working with them.

    Matthew Wilson
    Head of CRM Applications
  • My business is a consulting partner with and we constantly look to the AppExchange for solutions that provide value, flexibility and meet our clients’ needs. Many of our clients hold events like large dinners, hiring fairs, lunch and learns etc. This app tackles the hard part of event management with ease. Just install and you will understand.

    Paul Tunison
    Salesforce Admin
  • We were able to achieve PCI Compliance for our Service Cloud instance as soon as Blackthorn Compliance (formerly PCIFY) was installed and configured, which only took minutes. Installing this App was super easy. Pricing is very fair. The team is very responsive and proactively reaches out to provide any assistance.

    VP of Technology
  • You need to install this app today. We looked at several options for dealing with potential credit card issues in our org, and this one was the clear winner. Simple and logical setup, this is an app that just makes sense, we were up and running immediately on install.

    Senior Systems Admin
  • I’d recommend this app to any company who would want their Salesforce orgs to become 100% PCI Compliant. The team responds very quickly and is helpful – they will answer any questions you have. This app is very straight forward and is easy to understand how everything works.

    Quenita Fry
    Program Manager
  • When your product’s sales cycle is complex and highly transactional, text based communication becomes essential.

    Wenyu Zhang
    Growth Lead
  • Blackthorn just works. It’s a good product, built on the Salesforce platform, so you know it’s going to be there when you need it. And, it works with Salesforce Mobile. They are always willing to help when needed and provide top-notch customer support. We’re a Blackthorn customer for life.

    Scott Shacklett
  • Because of Blackthorn’s full integration with Salesforce, we’ve been able to streamline numerous payment processes resulting in efficiencies and improved customer experience. Our payment processes now scale with our growing business.

    Peter Hodel
    Product Manager
  • What I got [from Blackthorn Events] was 100 times better than what I thought I was getting. And it’s been your team that makes that so, and I am telling you that this product is great.

    Rebecca Korduner
    Manager, Digital Design
  • Now we can real-time see, okay, we are reaching our target audience, these are the people we wanted in the room….We get to see that as the registration is unfolding and can adjust our marketing efforts to respond to that trend.

    Graham Sogawa
    Executive Director, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • From their documentation, regular monthly updates, public roadmaps, the quality of support – shout out to Grace and Spencer most recently, you guys were fantastic (thanks!) – I really could go on just about the softer stuff which is something I don’t think I’ve ever said about an ISV.

    Josh Hunter
    Salesforce Developer
  • Blackthorn is an amazing company to work with. I installed the payment app, and I got it configured in less than an hour, fully connected to Stripe and making test transactions. The documentation was so straightforward I didn’t even need to have any consulting company implement it or help, which was refreshing since, in the past, I have had some AppExchange apps that required paid implementation and lacked clear easy-to-follow documentation.

    Andrew Russo
    Salesforce Architect
  • We have been using [Blackthorn Messaging] for several years. Our student-serving agents find the navigation and ease of use very friendly and efficient. Our most recent support request was outstanding and exceptionally responsive.

    David Rose
    Assistant Vice President, Enrollment