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What takes time, but is necessary to ensure you adopt the right tech? The discovery (evaluation) process. We hope to make this process less time-consuming and easier to share with your fellow stakeholders.

Save time and expand your product knowledge with the following tools:

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Each app can be configured to fulfill your needs, no matter your role or industry. Don’t take it from us; you’ll hear it from actual customers using our products.

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Configure your ideal combination of Blackthorn Apps to see how they work together to meet your needs. Plus, you can share this journey with your team with a custom share URL.

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Our Impact

Accounting and Finance

Put the ‘revenue’ in Revenue Cloud with the top-rated Engagement Suite for the financial services industry. Easily send one-time bills or recurring subscriptions to your client through secure links via SMS or Email and see those transactions reported in Salesforce without managing cumbersome and clunky integrations that risk data loss. Connect to your customers with personalized text messages and automate your data compliance by dropping your engagement strategies into flows. Even take payments in the field, meet your clients wherever they are, and report on those transactions in real-time no matter where you are with Blackthorn.

Automotive & Manufacturing

Connect your manufacturer, dealer, and buyer data in one place with the Blackthorn Engagement Suite on Salesforce. Whether you’re looking to connect your sales team with interested buyers by SMS, taking payments one-time or recurring payments for your services, or connecting with your brand enthusiasts at automotive shows, Blackthorn brings all of your engagement data together in Salesforce and empowers your team to deepen strategic relationships. Remove buying friction by making your data actionable and responding to customer needs in real-time with the tools designed to keep you close to your team.

Field Service Organizations

When it comes to boots on the ground, flexibility is key for field service organizations. If you support a mobile workforce, Blackthorn can empower your team to take payments in the field without calling the office or manually writing down card numbers. Whether you’re using Field Service Lighting and are looking to complete transactions related to work orders with bluetooth-enabled card readers, or you’re looking to take a payment from any screen in the Salesforce Mobile App with minimal clicks and one-button processing Blackthorn’s Payments app can support your team anytime, anywhere – directly from Salesforce.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

We know patient care is a top priority, so we work with healthcare systems to build systems that support and streamline patient communication and engagement. From direct or bulk SMS messaging, to registering for events, and remaining compliant while collecting sensitive data – Blackthorn’s got you and your patients covered.

Higher Education

Whether you’re engaging with prospective students at open days, faculty at academic conferences, or with alumni for fundraising – the Blackthorn suite can support your engagement strategy across campus and across the globe. As the Salesforce Education Partner of the Year three years running, we are confident we can help you maximize your school’s Salesforce investment. Let’s partner to transform your event and engagement data into actionable steps to support student success and enhance advancement.


As the world of education advances, K-12 schools and organizations face increased pressure to engage more fully with parents and community partners in meaningful ways, including comprehensive text messaging for urgent updates. Whether PTA meetings, community gatherings, or parent-teacher conferences, ensuring your schools are organized and have access to real-time data is easy with the Blackthorn Engagement Suite. You can even connect your tuition, field trip payment, fundraisers, and other payment processes directly to your enrolled families with up-to-the-minute reporting in Salesforce while trusting that their data is always safe and compliant with local regulations.


Using a ‘frankenstack’ to manage your events and programs is costing you more than you might think. From a frustrated staff manually syncing data between systems to donors feeling disconnected, a fragmented app-stack can cause engagement to dwindle and donations to plummet. Connect with your donors, learners, volunteers, and members at every stage of their journey, creating a seamless experience while gathering critical data directly into Salesforce. The more you know, the more you grow your constituent relationships.

Public Sector

Enhance your engagement across the board by incorporating transactional, civic, and communications data into your constituent system of record, Salesforce. Whether looking to digitize access to your public works departments via SMS or inviting residents to a town hall meeting, utilizing the Engagement Suite empowers your administration to show your constituents you know them by making data real-time and actionable. Manage complex payment processes from your social and civil service agencies without cumbersome integrations or data loss while remaining compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations by enhancing your Salesforce investment with Blackthorn.

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