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What takes time, but is necessary to ensure you adopt the right tech? The discovery (evaluation) process. We hope to make this process less time-consuming and easier to share with your fellow stakeholders.

Save time and expand your product knowledge with the following tools:

App Suite Fact Sheet

Each app can be configured to fulfill your needs, no matter your role or industry.

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Understand the Blackthorn App Suite

Understand how Blackthorn Apps meet your needs in this robust overview video.

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Self Qualify 

Shorten your Discovery time. See if one or more of Blackthorn’s Apps meet your needs.

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Your Journey

Configure your ideal combination of Blackthorn Apps to see how they work together to meet your needs.

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Customer Testimonials

Ready to do more with your Salesforce data?

Explore our App Features and watch App-specific demos, suited for you based on your geographic location.

Industry Impact

Accounting and Finance

Put the ‘revenue’ in Revenue Cloud with the top-rated Engagement Suite for the financial services industry. We can help you manage one-time billing or recurring subscriptions, connect to your customers with personalized SMS, and automate your data compliance by dropping your engagement strategies into flows. Take payments in the field, meet your clients where they are, and report on those transactions in real time – all in Salesforce.

Field Service Organizations

Blackthorn Payments allows your team to take payments in the field and house all transaction data directly in Salesforce. Whether you’re using Field Service Lighting or looking to take payments from the Salesforce Mobile App, Blackthorn Payments can support your team anytime and anywhere.


We work with healthcare organizations to build systems that support and streamline patient communication and engagement. From direct or bulk SMS messaging, to registering for events, and remaining compliant while collecting sensitive data – Blackthorn’s got you and your patients covered.

Higher Education

As the Salesforce Education Partner of the Year three years running, we have a solid track record of helping schools build stronger connections with their students, alumni, and donors. Utilize the Blackthorn Engagement suite to enhance engagement data across your CRM to create stronger connection points and more personalized experiences.


Connect with your donors, learners, volunteers, and members at every stage of their journey, creating a seamless experience while gathering critical engagement data directly into Salesforce.

Public Sector and Government

Enhance your engagement across the board by incorporating transactional, civic, and communications data into your constituent system of record, Salesforce. Connect with your community via SMS, streamline complex payment processes while remaining compliant, and enhance your Salesforce investment with the Blackthorn Engagement suite.

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