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Discover how Blackthorn Messaging (formerly Textey) can help you leverage text messages as an impactful communication channel with clients, communities, and customers.
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Direct SMS 

Bridge the communication gap.

With mobile open rates at a soaring 98% (compared to the 25% average for emails), Blackthorn Messaging has the power to revitalize your engagement strategy. Whether targeted direct communication or bulk messaging, your team can create templates with merge fields and use them to send personalized messages to multiple recipients simultaneously, whether they are all members of a Campaign or multiple recipients in a list view.

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Conversation Management

You’ve got history – conversation history.

With Blackthorn Messaging, all inbound and outbound text message communications are stored directly within Salesforce, making the engagement data reportable and trackable. When a text is received, a new conversation is automatically created, allowing the conversation status to be updated in real-time. Keep tabs on all historical conversations by accessing transcripts in the Conversation History and even filter by phone number, status, ownership, and more.

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Automated Communications

Process makes perfect.

Blackthorn Messaging allows you to fully automate communications with customers and prospects by leveraging the power of Flows in Salesforce. Build on the current processes you have in place by inserting automated or manual messages into existing business processes to ensure open and clear communication with your customers. Align automated communications with significant customer interactions like event registration, transactions, and more, to effectively boost targeted customer engagement efforts.   


With Blackthorn Messaging, a native Salesforce text messaging solution, you take control of direct, personalized, SMS or MMS messages that can be created, managed, and scheduled where you already maintain Leads and Contacts.

Manage the conversation

New conversations are created automatically and updated in real-time as you send and receive texts.

Automate your messages

Leverage the power of the Process Builder and Flows to automate your Salesforce SMS communication.

Send personalized texts

Use templates with merge fields so your content is personalized, even when texting lists or Campaigns.

Texting for any object

Compatible with standard objects like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases, and Opportunities, as well as your custom objects.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are.

Accelerate your engagement goals by adding a new communication channel for enhanced customer success. Let the power of mobile messaging connect you with your customers from anywhere!

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Why call when you can text?

Explore how our apps work independently or together and evaluate your fit.