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Benefits of Blackthorn Events

Blackthorn Events consistently ranks as the top-rated native event management application on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Higher Education

Attention! Alumni and Advancement – Recruiting and Admissions – Student Success Teams!
Use Blackthorn Events to streamline event registration, event promotion, and post-event communications, all within Salesforce.

  • Manage all your events, from recruitment to advancement, with one tool, and keep your data in Salesforce.
  • Track your students’ journey from admissions to alums.
  • Connect event registration, check-in, and all follow-up communications to Marketing Cloud journeys.
  • Advancement team, track the ‘when,’ ‘where,’ and ‘how’ your donors like to interact with each other and your organization.
  • Utilize the Blackthorn Mobile Check-in App to scan, swipe, and tap to check in registered attendees.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your relationship with your donor, including event attendance alongside their giving history.
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Consolidate patient engagement, and manage medical education, payments, and SMS conversations – all in Salesforce.

  • Manage your events with one native tool and keep your data in Salesforce.
  • Create and host forums like town halls to better advocate for your patients, members, and supporters.
  • Offering events, courses, and clinics with easy registration paths will help you gain visibility into ROI as you connect with your community.
  • Better understand attendees using custom questions to drive future programming and deepen relationships.
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Increase engagement, maximize giving, and keep your data in one location – Salesforce.

  • Organize local or global fundraising events and monitor registration/attendance in relation to active pledges without the need for complicated integrations or external tools.
  • Seamlessly collect donations as a part of the registration process.
  • Oversee and execute community outreach or educational events. Construct registration pages, dispatch invitations, arrange table and seating assignments, and manage mobile check-ins directly within Salesforce through Blackthorn Events.
  • Plan and conduct multi-day, multi-track conferences, handling sessions, speakers, sponsors, and attendees – all managed right from within your system of record, Salesforce.
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Empower civic engagement and streamline operations with our comprehensive Salesforce solutions.

  • Stimulate stakeholder participation via community events, forums, and civic activities corresponding to your involvement goals – all coordinated in Salesforce, your go-to database for citizen records.
  • Engage specific stakeholder segments with personalized invitations to offer attentive service to all constituents.
  • Gauge the sentiment towards initiatives and government services through post-event survey feedback.
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We Support Your Industry

Streamline your online, in-person, or hybrid events with our Salesforce-native management and registration.

  • Manage virtual or in-person events such as conferences, forums, courses, and clinics, and keep all your data in Salesforce.
  • Utilize the Blackthorn Events Mobile Check-in App to tap, swipe, or scan to check in registered attendees.
  • Ask custom questions to survey attendees and educate your team on future events.
  • Connect event registration, check-in, and all follow-up communications to Marketing Cloud journeys.
  • Track the ‘when,’ ‘where,’ and ‘how’ your event attendees like interacting with each other and your organization.

Explore the Event Builder

The Event Builder enables you to quickly and easily stand up an engaging and dynamic event.

Swiftly navigate through key event aspects.
Our dynamic builder updates live as your event progresses.
Save and publish, or return later to manage event details.

Ready to supercharge your events?

Explore how our apps work independently or together and evaluate your fit.

Register for a Sample Event

Select an event from the Event Group. Register and see how easy it is to use Blackthorn Events. Customizations are available for unique event requirements.

Blackthorn Events Overview 


Blackthorn Events consistently garners top ratings as an event management app native to Salesforce.

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