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    The Blackthorn Engagement Suite is designed to level up your environment, featuring Events, Payments, Compliance, Messaging, and eCommerce apps. Take the first step of your journey towards stronger engagement.

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Our Customers

University of Northern Iowa
Virgin Airlines
House of Blues

Blackthorn By The Numbers


Customers (and counting) across Blackthorn’s Engagement Suite.


Three Billion Dollars (and counting) processed by the Blackthorn Payments App.


Thirty-one Million SMS Messages sent (and counting) since 2019 through Blackthorn Messaging.

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Awards G2 Summer 2023
Awards G2 Spring 2023
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Can We Complete Your Technology Stack?

Salesforce Native

Our apps are built specifically for Salesforce, built to pull critical customer engagement data through multiple channels into one primary source of truth – your CRM. Choose how to level up your environment with our extended functionality, including events, payments, compliance, digital storefront, and messaging. All in one place. Always on Salesforce.

Data Transparency

It all comes down to data. Clean data leads to clear decisions, and every decision impacts your bottom line. Each of our apps is designed with the end user in mind, built to equip your team with the tools they need to see the bigger picture behind the numbers. Get to know your customers better by supporting channels that create opportunities for significant customer interactions and in turn, true engagement data.

Customer Support

Choosing Blackthorn means choosing a team who doesn’t take your trust lightly. We stand behind our products and actively develop ever-green relationships with our clients. From onboarding and beyond, our dynamite team is active and easy to reach for any support needs.

Return on Engagement

We like to think of our apps as the ultimate customer engagement toolkit: the more you invest in building stronger, data-driven connections, the higher your “Return on Engagement.”


When it comes to customer engagement, we know it is never one size fits all. Each of our applications are designed to give you maximum flexibility and customization. Work closely with our team or one of our star partners to configure our out-of-the-box solutions into a solution that perfectly fits into your established processes.

Industry Impact

Accounting and Finance

Put the ‘revenue’ in Revenue Cloud with the top-rated Engagement Suite for the financial services industry. We can help you manage one-time billing or recurring subscriptions, connect to your customers with personalized SMS, and automate your data compliance by dropping your engagement strategies into flows. Take payments in the field, meet your clients where they are, and report on those transactions in real time – all in Salesforce.

Field Service Organizations

Blackthorn Payments allows your team to take payments in the field and house all transaction data directly in Salesforce. Whether you’re using Field Service Lighting or looking to take payments from the Salesforce Mobile App, Blackthorn Payments can support your team anytime and anywhere.


We work with healthcare organizations to build systems that support and streamline patient communication and engagement. From direct or bulk SMS messaging, to registering for events, and remaining compliant while collecting sensitive data – Blackthorn’s got you and your patients covered.

Higher Education

As the Salesforce Education Partner of the Year three years running, we have a solid track record of helping schools build stronger connections with their students, alumni, and donors. Utilize the Blackthorn Engagement suite to enhance engagement data across your CRM to create stronger connection points and more personalized experiences.


Connect with your donors, learners, volunteers, and members at every stage of their journey, creating a seamless experience while gathering critical engagement data directly into Salesforce.

Public Sector and Government

Enhance your engagement across the board by incorporating transactional, civic, and communications data into your constituent system of record, Salesforce. Connect with your community via SMS, streamline complex payment processes while remaining compliant, and enhance your Salesforce investment with the Blackthorn Engagement suite.

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