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Use Cases

We work closely with Healthcare organizations to prioritize patient care by streamlining communication and engagement points. Centralize your patient engagement, medical education, payments, and SMS conversations directly in Salesforce.

  • Connect with your communities by offering events, courses, and clinics with easy registration paths using Blackthorn Events.
  • Communicate with your patients and stakeholders using conversational SMS tools from inside your CRM with Blackthorn Messaging.
  • Provide your patient community with simple online payment options and report on all transactions in real-time with Blackthorn Payments.
  • Map your grateful patient and donor engagements against their areas of interest to maximize donation potential at community events.
  • Simplify your data compliance operations with PCI, HIPAA, and PII detection tools from Blackthorn Compliance.
  • Utilize Events to create and host forums like town halls to better advocate for your patients and members.

Success Stories

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Healthcare Suite

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