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 From payment method security (PCI-DSS) to personal information (PII), Blackthorn Compliance helps you quickly find and secure sensitive data throughout your entire Salesforce Org.
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Secure in Salesforce

Non-compliance risk exists if customers send sensitive information. Compliance is crucial. BT Compliance helps with this by providing automated data protection on all Salesforce objects, lowering the risk of exposing sensitive data.

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Reduce your Risk

Unsecured payment information risks serious data breaches, theft, penalties, fraud, high legal costs, and customer loss. Non-compliance can also jeopardize your ability to process credit card payments.


Blackthorn Compliance lets you confidently manage Salesforce data privacy and ensure compliance with PCI and PII regulations.

Uncover Sensitive Data

Find and automatically secure credit card numbers and PII in Salesforce records, support cases, custom fields, and more.

Audit all Communication

Detect credit card numbers or sensitive information in emails, email attachments, or SMS before it ever enters Salesforce.

Audit Effortlessly

Schedule automatic audits to find and secure any existing sensitive data, catching issues before impact.


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Don’t let sensitive data slip through the cracks.