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Our Mission

Blackthorn started as an opportunity to take something great and make it even better. Simply put, we build savvy Salesforce-native apps that make people’s jobs easier. Each of our apps were sparked by problems we’ve solved in our own business environment.

Blackthorn 2023 Highlights


employees and counting. In:
2019 < 20 | 2020 < 30
2021 < 60 | 2022 100+


countries. Our employees work from everywhere.


a month USD donated to Watsi, and advocates to reduce the C02 in our atmosphere.


Blackthorn strives to be a place where teammates are happy, well taken care of, and supported. Below are some core pillars of our culture.

Aim higher

Aim higher.

Normal is boring. We’re hungry innovators who push the boundaries of normalcy. Every day we work to cultivate a space where groundbreaking ideas can come to life.

Be real

Be real.

Meaningful relationships make meaningful work. We believe when people are empowered to bring their genuine selves to work, amazing things will happen. Being part of the Blackthorn team means working with people who help each other, operate with integrity, and do NOT believe in office politics.


We Value WHO You Are.

We are all equal. We strive to be respectful and kind of others’ beliefs. At Blackthorn we believe in fairness, and equity, and we truly value diversity.

Relationships matter

Meaningful relationships make meaningful work

When surrounded by great people, we become the best version of ourselves, and we provide the best work for our customers, and partners. Each member of our team inspires growth, learning, and understanding of each other, our customers, and the industries we serve.



Everyone should treat others and themselves with respect. Respect in the workplace curates feelings of acceptance, well-being, trust, and safety. We want each employee, partner, and customer always to feel that they are valued and respected.

Show support

Live to Help. Love To Help.

Blackthorn, as a company, contributes to our “adopted” nonprofit, Watsi, monthly in support of their extraordinary mission. We also have contributed monetarily and as a sounding board to remove CO2 from the atmosphere by supporting the Stripe Climate Project.


Default to transparency.

Honesty is our best policy. We believe creating a culture of openness fosters trust, innovation, fairness, and feedback – making our relationships, products, and organization better for everyone.

Work-life balance

We value our Employees.

We are all unique, and the team’s composition at Blackthorn is no exception. We have employees spread across the world. What we all have in common is that we have lives outside of Blackthorn. Some even have side hustles! In support of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Blackthorn implemented a four-day workweek in the Spring of 2022. Even though it is a benefit, we also consider it a value that our employees hold dear.

Meet Thornie

Pronouns: He/Him
Traits: Smart, sociable, brave, happy, curious, adventurous, innovative, goofy, empathetic, flexible
Meyers-Briggs: ESTP
Favorite Song: Roar by Katy Perry
Catchphrase: “Two enthusiastic claws up! ROAR”

Thornie is our quirky and enthusiastic guide to all things Blackthorn. With a big heart but tiny hands, Thornie is the ultimate reminder that our apps are so easy to use that opposable thumbs aren’t required.

Thornie encourages friends of Blackthorn to explore how they can empower themselves and the people around them by getting their claws on the right tools. He believes the best way to learn is to jump right in and sink your teeth into solving problems. While he may come from before the stone age, Thornie is ready and willing to be your guide to the future!


Each year the Blackthorn Team contributes time to volunteering on our company-sponsored trip! Many employees also find time to support local nonprofits in their region.

Join Our Team

What brings a bunch of people from across the globe together every day? It’s simple. We all share the same desire to make what already exists better. As self-learners and champions of our unique skill sets, we challenge each other to ask questions that create smart, valuable products for ourselves and our customers. Does this sound like a place you’d like to work?

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