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American Leak Detection

American Leak Detection

American Leak Detection (ALD) needed to process payments in the field by their technicians, beginning with the Salesforce Field Service mobile application and ending with their CRM.

  • Needed a Salesforce-native payments solution to complement their rollout of Salesforce across headquarters & franchises
  • Decentralized processes and systems for capturing payments in the office and in the field
  • Difficulty with accounting reconciliation due to the disparate systems and processes
  • Flexibility to record many payment types in addition to credit card (Check, Cash, ACH)
  • Salesforce Field Service with Blackthorn Mobile Payments
  • Utilizing Stripe with Terminal Readers (Tap-to-Pay)
  • Virtual Terminal for in-office processing of payments in CRM
  • PayLink is used to send links for payment on past-due invoices
  • Packaged reconciliation reporting with Stripe Payouts within Salesforce