Maximizing Educational Event Outcomes with Blackthorn Events and Salesforce Education Cloud

Are you looking to take your educational events to the next level? Imagine seamlessly tracking event attendees, analyzing outcomes, and driving impactful engagement. With the integration of Blackthorn Events and Salesforce Education Cloud, it’s not just a possibility—it’s a reality.

In the fast-paced world of education, delivering impactful and successful events is crucial for driving progress and providing a holistic learning experience. Salesforce Education Cloud, combined with Blackthorn Events’ robust event management capabilities, empowers educational institutions to streamline event planning, track attendee engagement, and analyze outcomes efficiently. Let’s explore how this powerful integration can elevate your educational events and maximize their impact.

Unleashing the Power of Salesforce Education Cloud Timeline

Salesforce Education Cloud features a Timeline component that is pivotal in tracking activities related to programs, participants, and benefits for educational institutions. This feature provides a visual and intuitive representation of event-related data from various objects, allowing users to gain valuable insights into event activities over time. This empowers users to make informed decisions and drive program success.

Tracking Event Attendees and Analyzing Outcomes

Integrating Blackthorn Events into the Timeline allows educational institutions to effortlessly monitor attendee participation, engagement levels, and outcomes. This data is instrumental in assessing event attendees’ return on investment (ROI) and understanding the impact of events on overall program objectives. The ability to track participants’ attendance and subsequent performance in educational workshops or seminars enables institutions to tailor future events more effectively.

Transforming Your Event Management Experience

First, ensure you have the Timeline feature enabled in your Education Cloud instance to bring this powerful integration to life. If you’re new to Education Cloud, you can request a trial to experience its capabilities firsthand. Once you’re set up with Education Cloud, it’s time to integrate Blackthorn Events. Installing the Blackthorn Events package in your Education Cloud environment is a breeze, and you can even get started with a trial to witness its impact on your educational events.


Below is a step-by-step implementation guide on how to get started:

  1. Create a Timeline: Enable the Timeline feature in your Salesforce Education Cloud instance and configure a new Timeline to display relevant event data.
  2. Add Timeline-Related Objects: Incorporate the Blackthorn Events Attendee object into the Timeline to track attendee records effectively.
  3. Set Record Visibility: Conditionally show records on the Timeline based on specific criteria, such as attendance status.
  4. Define Displayed Timeline Fields: Select and display relevant event fields on the Timeline to provide comprehensive insights into attendee engagement and event details.
  5. Activate and Add to Page Layout: Once you are satisfied with the Timeline configuration, activate it and add it to the desired page layout for seamless accessibility.


The seamless integration of Blackthorn Events with Salesforce Education Cloud’s Timeline feature marks a significant advancement in educational program management. This cohesive integration equips educational institutions and program managers with the data they need to make informed decisions, enhance participant engagement, and drive program success by efficiently tracking event attendees and analyzing outcomes.

Ready to Elevate Your Educational Events and Unlock Their Full Potential?

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, effectively managing events and analyzing their impact is pivotal. Discover the full potential of Blackthorn Events and Salesforce Education Cloud to revolutionize your educational events. Whether it’s enhancing participant engagement, analyzing event outcomes, or maximizing the impact of your educational initiatives, this powerful combination offers a comprehensive solution for educational event management.

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