Greetings from Blackthorn! In the ever-adapting universe of event management, continuous innovation and agile adaptation hold the key. Today’s blog offers several exciting insights, from celebrating our journey and milestones to unveiling the reshaped support structure. In addition, we highlight our recent achievement – the hard-earned SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation.

The Journey Thus Far: From Humble Roots to Innovative Expansion

Our journey, starting as a humble player in the vast domain of event management, took off thanks to our innovative Salesforce-centric approach. Today, a necessity for over 300 organizations, our application is relied upon extensively for managing events efficiently.

The creative ways our expanding user base employed our apps caused a surge in daily event numbers. We were challenged to balance our commitment to innovation with routine maintenance.

Rising to the Challenge: Reinventing for a Demanding Tomorrow

To keep pace with an escalating user base and the addition of varied features, an architecture upgrade became necessary. Problems like attendees facing hurdles while registering for the events only reiterated our need for evolution.

Undeterred, our team initiated a rigorous analysis and brainstorming exercise, leading to the reimagining of our cache system. The original cache system, tailored to suit simpler times, had become obsolete. Thus, we overhauled our cache to improve data synchronization, minimize Salesforce API calls, and boost page loading times.

Future-proof and Commitment to Innovation

Our quest for enhanced efficiency and agility propelled us to shift our processes from Heroku to AWS. Then began our drive to future-proof our app, focusing on scalability, reliability, and data safety, culminating in the creation of a persistent data layer.

With our upcoming release, we anticipate improved speed, increased reliability, and readiness to handle potential future demands. Even with success in sight, we pledge to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries in event management.

Celebrating Accomplishments: SOC 2 Type 2 Accreditation

Upholding our commitment to security and compliance, we are proud to announce that Blackthorn has obtained SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation. This robust accomplishment bolsters our determination and capability to safeguard your data under stringent controls, policies, and procedures.

Learn More by visiting our Trust Center.

A Reshaped Guidance Facade: Streamlining Onboarding and Customer Success

In our relentless pursuit of perpetual evolution, we recognize that enhancing the synchronicity of our teams is critical to boosting collaborations with our esteemed clientele. This realization has led us to consolidate our forces—the Onboarding and Customer Success departments—under a unified leader. This strategic restructuring is intended to foster a closer rapport and seamless interaction amongst these teams to deliver unparalleled support from your first interaction with us.

Our relationship with our clients transcends traditional vendor-customer dynamics. At Blackthorn, we strive for a partnership model—one founded on mutual progress and sustained growth. We constantly endeavor to craft our apps to be intuitively user-friendly and remarkably impactful for organizations of all sizes.

As we strive towards ensuring our apps truly standalone in terms of user experience, we remain dedicated to offering unwavering assistance through our support, customer success, and onboarding teams. If any feature proves challenging to understand or implement, or if the value derived from Blackthorn seems elusive, do not hesitate to connect with us. Our dedicated team is always on standby, prepared to advise, problem-solve, and train. We are not just providing a service; we’re creating an immersive, transformative journey for all our partners.

Accelerating Support: Redefined Support Structure

In addition to this reshaped approach, we are excited to announce our Dedicated Support Model. Under this, support cases will be addressed by a **Named Support Engineer** — someone who understands your unique Salesforce environment and has been actively collaborating with your team.

We are also proud to introduce our new inbound phone support number, as part of our Premier Support structure. This emergency line ensures that help is one call away, connecting you directly to your dedicated support rep for any major issues, system outages, or after-hours support needs.

At Blackthorn, our commitment to providing “Unreasonable Hospitality” continually drives us to enhance your experience in every possible way.

Stay tuned for the numerous exciting updates we have in store for you. We look forward to embarking on this thrilling journey together.