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Evolve Vacation Rental

Evolve Vacation Rental

With more tech-savvy, travel-bug-bitten tenants flooding online vacation rental sites like Vrbo and Airbnb, it’s no surprise the rental industry market is growing. It’s never been easier to own, rent, and see profits by investing in vacation rental properties. But a long time problem still persists – homeowners struggle with finding the time to properly market and maintain properties, and after hiring full-service property managers to help – some of which charge almost 50% per booking “ profits aren’t quite what they expected. Enter Brian Egan and Adam Sherry, who in 2011 founded Evolve Vacation Rental to solve this very problem.

Brian and Adam knew the solution was to revamp the traditional property management model. They created a business focused on helping property owners with marketing and booking tasks and communication with preferred on-the-ground service partners (housekeeping and maintenance, for example). If needed, customer service teams work with tenants to ensure a seamless guest experience. It’s worked, and to boot, their solution is available to owners at an industry-low 10% booking fee.

Evolve appreciated Blackthorn Payments' ability to address sign-up, funding, and invoicing issues, its flexibility and customizability, along with being 100% Salesforce-native, and incorporating the benefits of Stripe.

  • Cumbersome property owner sign-up processes
  • Problems dispersing funds to appropriate bank accounts
  • Monthly invoicing issues
  • Uses rules engine to automate funds transfer using Stripe’s Connect APIs
  • Decreases account setup time with Stripe’s efficient onboarding
  • Swift, easy viewing of transactions/data on Salesforce, connected to homeowner’s record, while maintaining PCI-Compliance
  • Provides native Salesforce/Stripe dispute resolution
  • Offers PCI-Compliant payment processing through Salesforce for seamless traveler management

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