continues to focus on our evergreen stability initiatives to provide the best, most reliable events and payments experience on Salesforce.

Salesforce users worldwide, from nonprofit organizations to higher education institutions, have implemented Salesforce technology into their operations to digitize processes and collect information critical for customer engagement, retention, and revenue in a modern application.

But behind the scenes, collecting and using this information isn’t always an easy feat, let alone customizing it to fit business needs. Technology is crucial to organizations’ success, but not everyone is a technology guru.

At, we continue to remind ourselves about one key principle: Software shouldn’t require an expert to run it. Since our founding, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing Salesforce-native apps that make processing payments and managing events efficient and ridiculously easy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Simply put, we help Salesforce users do just that use Salesforce without the questions or confusion. 

Announcing $16M in Funding

That’s why we are excited to announce our latest funding round: $16M in structured capital to fuel growth and innovation in the Salesforce AppExchange. is committed to providing the best product functionality across all industries. This capital infusion will help us continue enhancing our product, building our brand, meeting customer demand, and remaining stable in uncertain economic times.

Expanding Our Workforce and Innovations

In the next step of our journey, we’ll refine our focus on our customers and their experience using our products. We’ll provide evergreen stability initiatives to deliver the best and most reliable events and payments experience on Salesforce. By bolstering our engineering teams and upgrading our underlying technologies with robust enhancements, our current suite of applications will gain expanded functionality through implementing customer-requested features and bringing new, innovative apps to the market for our core industries.

This investment in will further enable us to double down on a core tenet of our development philosophy: If you have to read the documentation, it’s too complicated. By developing simple applications for users to install and configure, organizations can focus on their customers (from anywhere) instead of burning time on cumbersome administrative processes.

This year, has already seen exponential growth and innovation, including expanding to more than 100 employees (and growing), serving more than 600 customers with the potential to add 250 more by the end of the year, and implementing a 4-day workweek schedule. As we continue to grow and evolve, we strive to maintain our stability, trust, transparency, and maturity, delivering on the needs of our customers.