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It’s a common scenario for many service organizations. A service agent finishes helping a customer with a service order, and it’s time to collect payment. The agent either hands over a 30-day invoice, says, “we’ll bill you later,” or takes cash or check and throws it in with other cash payments to be sorted out and recorded later. The problem? Agents collecting cash and checks onsite often leads to downstream reconciliation issues, and invoicing for services causes long wait times for payment – ultimately hurting cash flow. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if payments could be taken and recorded immediately?

Blackthorn Mobile Payments lets agents take credit or debit card payments in the field using Salesforce’s Field Service Mobile app while tying secure transaction data to service orders. And starting January 2020, agents using our mobile payments app can take check and money order payments onsite via mobile phone check capture.

The benefits pay for themselves

  • By receiving payment for services faster while tying secure transaction data to service orders, teams increase time-to-payment collection and remove the need for later reconciliation.
  • More cash-on-hand and automated reporting means companies can make customer-centric, revenue-driving decisions faster.

So how does our check capture feature work?

If you’ve used your bank’s mobile app, chances are you’ve likely used this technology to deposit a check from your mobile phone.



Blackthorn’s Mobile Payments app uses Check 21’s secure technology to decipher information written on each check. Check information is populated within seconds on the screen. After the agent confirms all check information is correct, Blackthorn goes to work updating relevant Salesforce fields on their unique transaction record, like amount, date, etc. Simultaneously, they “check” with the help of Check21 is on its way to being processed.

Blackthorn’s team of seasoned developers did the heavy lifting, using their in-depth knowledge of Salesforce data models to connect all check information to Blackthorn’s unique transaction object, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is:

  1. Install the Blackthorn Payments package from the Appexchange
  2. Download our iOs Mobile Payments App from the App Store (Android version coming soon
  3. Open up the Work Order in Field Service Mobile
  4. Choose the Mobile Pay option
  5. Start the check capture process
  6. Voila

Salesforce’s Field Service Mobile app provides on-the-go workforces with up-to-date, accurate information about service orders, and Blackthorn Mobile Payments lets organizations receive payment for services faster while tying secure transaction data to service orders.

Learn more about Blackthorn Mobile Payments, or chat with one of our Payment experts to find out how it can benefit your organization.