CDL Legal Before Blackthorn

Taking payments from drivers for services was clunky. It was mostly a manual system that could not be automated. Customer service from their previous vendor was poor – the answer to most questions often was: “read the documentation.” If ACH transactions failed because the drivers had insufficient funds in their accounts at the time, there was no action in Salesforce to indicate the transaction failed due to NSF. With CDL Legal’s previous tool, it took an 18-step, manual process to discover that a driver had not paid. The reconciliation process was not any better; it didn’t integrate with the CRM, and there were no ready-made reports.

Why CDL Legal Chose Blackthorn

“Blackthorn just works. It’s a good product, built on the Salesforce platform, so you know it’s going to be there when you need it. And, it works with Salesforce Mobile,” said Scott Shacklett, CEO of CDL Legal.

  • Works with Salesforce Mobile: CDL Legal’s members are continually moving. Blackthorn supports Salesforce Mobile, making it easy for drivers to make payments and update payment information like an expired credit card.
  • View PCI-Compliant Transaction Data in Salesforce: Another key benefit to Blackthorn’s solution is the one-of-a-kind partnership with Stripe, the popular level-1 certified PCI processor. Data is tokenized through Stripe, meaning sensitive card information is never stored in Salesforce. Users can see the transaction record, amount, and date/time when viewing the account or contact record. 
  • Out-of-the-Box, Customizable Reports: Blackthorn comes out-of-the-box with several useful, customizable reports. View transaction amounts, overall revenue, and other important payment data in Salesforce, just like you would in your Stripe dashboard.

And if the product itself wasn’t good enough, the team behind the product is what makes it exceptional.

“They are always willing to help when needed and provide top-notch customer support. We’re a Blackthorn customer for life,” said Shacklett.

For CDL Legal, the relationship with the driver is vital. Drivers know that when they call for help, a real person will answer the call and put the driver first. CDL Legal’s personal touch helps drivers feel more secure in their daily businesses. Blackthorn payments empowers CDL Legal to manage their business better at scale, enabling the CDL Legal team to focus more energy on what they do best – protecting their drivers and their families.

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