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Optimize payment processes to be better, faster, and more secure.

Simply Secure

Integrations made easy.

Anytime, anywhere access – our payment processing app is built to empower an increasingly mobile workforce. Complete transactions with bluetooth-enabled card readers or through our mobile payment app. Provide a localized experience to a global customer base through our integration with Stripe Checkout, allowing your clients to pay in their native currency or use a digital payment method unique to their region.

Flexible Foundation

Payday the way you need it.

When managing your payment processes, we know security and simplicity are two major concerns. Our salesforce native payment app allows you to leverage your existing security infrastructure without sacrificing any existing architecture for proper data management. We eliminated unnecessary integrations, reducing data loss and making access easy.

Scalable Solutions

No matter where you start, we support where you grow.

Whether your organization posts 1000+ transactions per day or just a few hundred transactions per year, Blackthorn’s infrastructure is built to support your payments, your way. Our technical structure ensures the scale of the processing needs never impacts the customer experience. Leverage the power of Salesforce for PCI-compliant online payments, invoices, subscription billing, mobile payments, and more.

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Do you envision Salesforce as your single source of truth? Ditch third-party tools, and bring vital payment data into Salesforce using your favorite payment processor. Keep all your engagement and payment data in one place. Salesforce.

Mobile Payments

For Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning Mobile, Salesforce Mobile, and more. Want to know more? Download this one-pager.

Recurring Payments & Autopay

Manage recurring payments and automate simple and complex subscription models all on Salesforce.

Payments for Salesforce Communities

Easily accept payments from Salesforce Community pages.



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