In 2016, Blackthorn began building a complete event management experience, native to Salesforce. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) trusted the Blackthorn team to deliver on their event management goals:

  • A central portal where their members could register for events
  • An iOS and Android mobile app, where members could network with each other at events
  • A central database to manage their unique processes in addition to events around certification, learning management, and others.

Fast forward to October 29, 2018, and Blackthorn delivered a 700 person conference for IAB, facilitated over 500 meeting requests between attendees, processed all payments, and more, using Blackthorn technology, built on Salesforce and AWS.
IAB migrated off of Fonteva, Cvent, Attendify, and is in the process of migrating off of Eventbrite to use only Blackthorn to deliver all of their events. This is important to IAB because:

  • Integrations between systems are reduced, making overall systems management easier
  • IAB gains one view of its member within Salesforce: All of the events they’ve attended, in-event meeting requests facilitated, and additional data related to a single Contact in Salesforce
  • Members can access all of their information from a central portal and mobile app

The components of Blackthorn’s stack include:

  • An event management application, Blackthorn | Events, native to Salesforce. The app enables organizers to manage: Registration, custom questions, attendee matching, Speakers, Sponsors, and much more.
  • A Payment management application, Blackthorn | Payments, native to Salesforce. The app enables event organizers to charge and refund payments natively in Salesforce, take payments by card and ACH, and send invoices to customers for larger payments.

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