Ensure Salesforce PCI Compliance and Data Privacy with Blackthorn Compliance

Do you need to ensure Salesforce PCI compliance and data privacy within your organization? Look no further than Blackthorn Compliance, the ultimate solution built natively in Salesforce.

Formerly known as PCIFY, Blackthorn Compliance is a lightweight and user-friendly compliance application that ensures your organization remains fully compliant at all times. With our advanced data privacy app, you can enable real-time PII monitoring and conduct thorough audits of historical records and fields, guaranteeing adherence to regulatory requirements.

Our application is specifically designed to address the needs of both non-admin users and developers, providing a seamless experience for all. Leveraging patented AI detection technology, Blackthorn Compliance offers top-tier data privacy compliance, ensuring your your Salesforce org is secure. As a native Salesforce solution, implementation is a breeze, seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure.

By investing in Blackthorn Compliance, you not only ensure Salesforce PCI compliance but also save significant costs in annual compliance vendor fees. With potential savings exceeding $9,000, our solution allows you to prioritize data privacy while remaining cost-efficient.

Discover unparalleled peace of mind with our powerful Compliance app. Seamlessly locate and secure credit card numbers and other sensitive PII across various Salesforce modules, including records, support cases, custom fields, and objects. Moreover, our solution extends beyond Salesforce boundaries, detecting credit card numbers and sensitive information within emails, email attachments, and SMS. Streamline your compliance management process further by scheduling automatic audits, ensuring continuous data protection.

Choose Blackthorn Compliance as your trusted ally in achieving Salesforce PCI compliance and data privacy. Stay ahead of regulatory standards, mitigate risks, and unlock the full potential of your organization.