Data Breaches and Settlements Cost Companies More Than $1.5 Billion. Acquires Compliance So Customers Can Master the Art of PII Whac-A-Mole on Salesforce

Updated on October 22, 2021 It’s official: We’re changing our name. PCIFY will now be known as Blackthorn Compliance. We’re evolving our brand to signify our commitment to providing a (growing!) family of apps that enhance the power of Salesforce and accelerate its capabilities, from event management to payment processing, and now, PCI compliance.

Our customers will continue to receive the same level of dedicated support they’ve come to expect from Blackthorn. We’re positive this name change will only help us achieve our larger vision and roadmap goals and look forward to a bright future together.

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NEW YORK, NY, July 27, 2021 ”, the wizard of event management and payment processing apps on Salesforce, has acquired PCIFY ( the #1 personally identifiable information (PII) Credit Card Detection and Masking App on the Salesforce” AppExchange.

PCIFY masks PII and credit card data in Salesforce applications, which is required for maintaining Payment Card Industry compliance (PCI, the information security standard for financial data), passing data audits, and allowing company executives to sleep at night.

Customers often, and inadvertently, send sensitive data via emails, chats, texts, support cases, attachments, social messaging, and sometimes messages in a bottle (AKA fax). These can end up in customers Salesforce applications and become a never-ending game of Whac-A-Mole. PCIFY helps by providing companies with automated data masking (AKA a Whac-A-Mole mallet at light speed) on any Salesforce object. This reduces the liability risk of sensitive information exposure. Companies have suffered big penalties and settlements for data breaches, often with very public exposure.

PCIFY is the perfect addition to our application suite. As the world has seen, data security is increasingly important in today’s digital landscape. We’ve made PCI compliance and data security a priority, and PCIFY furthers that commitment to our customers, said CEO Chris Federspiel. Riitiir, the maker of PCIFY, built an extremely intuitive app based on their knowledge of data compliance in Salesforce. As Blackthorn’s first acquisition of a company built on Salesforce, it gives us a whole new range of expansion opportunities in our markets,” continues Federspiel.

Blackthorn events and payments apps are the highest rated on the AppExchange and our experience with their team has 100% confirmed the high praise. The Blackthorn team shares PCIFY’s goal of empowering companies to protect their Salesforce data and stay compliant. Our continued commitment to customers via stellar support and best-in-class products makes our team thrilled for the future of PCIFY powered by Blackthorn, states Matt Parker, founder of PCIFY.

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