When it comes to online fundraising for nonprofit organizations, administrative and marketing staff may have no idea where to begin. Whether your nonprofit works in schools, in one country or two, whether it has employees or volunteers, it does not matter. Every NGO requires donations in order to succeed. In order to obtain donations, your nonprofit must utilize document collaboration, meetings, web services, and also have an organized calendar. The one thing missing for many NGOs is an email marketing strategy to work within their sector.

For nonprofits, clients are actually donors and are not always the easiest to come by. The best way to push your NGO to a leading organization in the world is to work with software that is made for professionals.  Using reliable software solutions and a platform for email marketing is the only way. These are our top nonprofit solutions for homo sapiens in the nonprofit sector.

Mail Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Direct mail fundraising is also known as email marketing campaigns. These are effective methods of email marketing tools for nonprofits. Regardless of the size of your organization, you need donors and software tools. These can help you to target audiences, and work similarly to how companies do. Whether you have a human resources department for support, or you need help with the recruitment process, leading software tools will be key to your success.

Choosing the right marketing tools for nonprofits can be tricky though. Nonprofit email marketing involves social sharing, targeting the right audience, and an email marketing platform. Although this may seem like nonprofit email marketing comes at a large expense, there are free email marketing for nonprofits. You just need to know where to look.


Mailchimp is one of the leading email marketing software tools, usable by any marketer. Even for someone with no experience in email marketing, Mailchimp features are simple and provide an effortless experience that can also work well for nonprofit target email marketing campaigns.

For example, this software can help NGOs find their audience, and expend the effort needed to raise awareness about specific campaigns. Mailchimp for nonprofits, in review, is truly the ultimate blueprint when it comes to email marketing tools for nonprofit organizations.

Mailchimp pricing ranges from a free pricing plan to three other tiers of paid options. The free plan allows you to send up to 10,000 emails per month and to send five email lists of up to 2,000 people. The Mailchimp features and pricing seem fair, especially when you are aware of the Mailchimp support options, complete with Mailchimp support chat.


Some of the issues that come along with nonprofit fundraising have to do with email marketing being sent to the spam folder. Regardless of whether your marketing strategy is top-notch, if you are not reaching your ideal customer then you may have a problem.

SendGrid is an email marketing software that allows professionals to generate marketing campaigns that will actually be seen by the human they are targeting. With an email API service along with the ability of Sendgrid integration, Sendgrid for nonprofit is a great option for having your emails seen.

There are Sendgrid alternatives, but they are a bit different than what Sendgrid truly has to offer. Sendgrid pricing offers a free plan that ranges up to $15 and $60 per month. This is quite reasonable. 

Plus, Sendgrid support is quality, and Sendgrid integration is very helpful – well worth the pricing.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a subsidiary of its partner company, Zoho. This parent company offers applications for customer relationship management and invoicing. Now Zoho Campaigns offers a new way of email marketing. With features such as a drag-and-drop email editor and email templates, the results are seriously impressive.

However, the Zoho Campaigns pricing and compensation has been seen as high in the past, due to its outdated user interface. After a recent makeover, the site is working smoothly and is a product that is soon to become even more popular in the market.

As an overall Zoho Campaigns review, there is a bit to be desired when it comes to Zoho campaigns API and Zoho campaigns integration. Despite this, the site is fully cloud-based and advertiser friendly. You are also given Zoho Campaigns support throughout the entire process.


There are many different Gmail marketing services that do not provide flexibility in software. Mailerlite reviews have proven that email marketing campaigns should focus on transformation and user experience.

One of the main aspects of Mailerlite features is that they allow you to create email campaigns and do so easily. They believe that it should not be overwhelming or overly modern. Rather, it is easy to carry out common actions, such as creating an email campaign and moving from step to step with ease.

This is the case with Mailerlite Free. It offers desktop and mobile app access, as well as accounting features for businesses and NGOs alike. The desktop application is easy to use, and you may even be able to reduce costs due to Mailerlite pricing and Mailerlite support.

Considering what your subscriber wants, and what you want from them (usually donations or data) Mailterlite is able to give security to each end while offering flexibility and incredible Mailerlite customer support.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is known as an email marketing software with the easiest setup. It does not require a long process to learn, and this can be helpful in training new volunteers, or even for the technologically challenged.

Although Benchmark Email reviews share that it is a wonderful user experience, the features leave much to be wanted. It was found that the Benchmark Email free plan is somewhat low on Benchmark features compared to a paid account, but the investment into Benchmark email pricing may not be worth it for your organization. However, after you learn about Benchmark Email integration, you may be able to work with the software in order to grant your work wishes.

Overall, there is good Benchmark Email support, and many great features to create and send out automatic email sequences to engage donations or new hires.