When it comes to choosing interactive management solutions for a nonprofit organization, it can be tricky. Looking through FAQs, pricing, needs, and features, it can get complicated. You may not even be sure what your fundraising needs are, and what choices you want to make in choosing a solution. Rather than compare them yourself, we’ve compiled a guide of different software you may want to consider investing in. Although some cost options are transparent, others require you to ask for quotes specific to your organization.

What is Nonprofit CRM?

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, it’s something that every nonprofit organization should be using. It will allow a nonprofit to grow, and also maximize relationships with donors. Choosing a perfect solution for your nonprofit can be difficult, so it’s best to look at all of the nonprofit CRM features. Whether you need donations management, campaign tool options, an engagement guide, or online fundraising help, we’ve conducted a nonprofit CRM software comparison for all of the tool options. Rather than do it yourself, we did it for you, so you can simply choose the one that fits your nonprofit’s needs. Focus more on organization and raising funds with the perfect software suite.


Known to be the best ERP solution, NetSuite for Nonprofits is all-encompassing. It is a leader in the market and offers a suite of cloud-based applications. It is used by over 27,000 users in many countries around the world. Netsuite pricing is reasonable and has been shown to generate higher revenue for NGOs. Features include workflow capability, user access management, reporting system, reliability, and output document generation.

  • Netsuite review: Overall, Netsuite is seen as a system that can be customized based on the need of each individual organization. With a variety of different feature options, it is an all-in-one product.
  • Netsuite nonprofit pricing: The cost-benefit of this interactive software seems to be reasonable, as it is based on a custom quote for each individual user.
  • Netsuite support: Offering 24-hour access, seven days per week.
  • Netsuite integration: Customize the system to your needs, using data important export tools.


Bloomerang helps nonprofit organizations find and engage with contacts, as well as identify contacts that support its vision. Bloomerang reviews are mainly positive, as it is seen to deliver results based on the effort your team puts into the system.

As a cloud-based donor management application, Bloomerang is made for NGOs. It allows you to track volunteer data and activity, as well as work to enhance donor loyalty.

Designed as an all-in-one software, this platform helps to utilize new technology and display it on an interesting and modern platform aligned with the latest trends. Bloomerang database has everything you need and will offer the best of what can be found for fundraising.

  • Bloomerang support: Online support
  • Bloomerang pricing: There are three tiers – 1 ($99, 1,000 contacts), 2 ($199, 5,000 contacts), 3 ($299, 15,000 contacts)
  • Bloomerang integration: Includes donor retention insights, website and email tracking tools, as well as fundraising, and account management


So what is EveryAction? EveryAction provides high-quality SaaS solutions to nonprofit organizations. EveryAction reviews showcase an end-to-end modern platform offering aid in fundraising, digital, and organization needs of nonprofits.

Each page was built and supported by nonprofit experts, making it perfect for NGOs of all different sizes. Providing information, increasing efficiency and optimizing interactions are the goals of this product.

With multi-channel reporting, communication tools, and advocacy for nonprofits, this is a tool that can be bi-directional. Key features include optimized donation forms, one-click actions, the ability to automate marketing, custom reporting, as well as grant management tools.

  • EveryAction pricing: Compared to other business products, this platform is well priced. Although paid options can be found elsewhere at a lower price, it is still worth it for a software created specifically for NGOs.
  • EveryAction support: EveryAction help can be found easily through the website after the product is purchased.
  • EveryAction integrations: With integrated text messaging, Zoom events integration, social matching, direct mail management, planned giving, as well as with Salesforce, it is possible to achieve many different methods of advocacy.


Kindful volunteer management offers a platform with fundraising tools already built-in. It is a powerful software that combines sales and data organization. Managing donors is the first step to a successful nonprofit organization, and increasing overall support.

The Kindful reviews offer mainly positive explanations, stating it is great for small to medium-sized organizations. They also mention it is positive for interaction with new potential donors.

  • Kindful pricing: Ranging from $100 to $700 monthly, based on the number of contacts you wish to reach out to. The low end offers 1,000 contacts, while the high end offers 70,000 contacts. Anything above 70,000 requires a personalized sales quote.
  • Kindful support: Offered online.
  • Kindful integrations: The Kindful CRM can integrate with 360MatchPro. This is specifically helpful to organize volunteers as if they are an employee, and then drive revenue through employer gift matching. Kindful also offers a variety of other integrations such as through MailChimp and Quickbooks.


When it comes to smaller nonprofits looking to grow, DonorPerfect is a solid choice. It has easy-to-use features and is specifically designed to save time in the donor retention and acquiring process.

DonorPerfect is known to be a comprehensive fundraising solution. It helps your organization manage donations, as well as reporting, event management, contact insight, and increases retention rate, all in one cloud platform.

  • DonorPerfect pricing: Anywhere from $99 (1,000 records) to $799 (75,000 records)
  • DonorPerfect reviews: Features such as automatic monthly giving are extremely helpful. It is reviewed as the perfect addition to any starting or growing nonprofit.
  • DonorPerfect training: DonorPerfect provides expert setup, training, customer support, data transfers, insight, and other services in helping your team use the artificial intelligence software.
  • DonorPerfect support: Customer support team in the United States and Canada. Capabilities to meet any size organization and any budget.
  • DonorPerfect integration: Integrated online donation forms, Quickbooks, Blackbaud, dashboard reporting, Constant Contact email, auction management tools, as well as a network of integrated partner solutions.

Choosing the Right Software

Choosing the right service for your nonprofit can be tough. If you are right on the edge and not sure which to choose, consider what services you will be using – whether those are email and email marketing, a helpful consultant, the ability to plan an auction or scan checks directly for payment processing. Hopefully, this guide helped you narrow down the prospects, and helped you choose a nonprofit CRM that’s perfect for your organization.