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Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht

Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (the HU) is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. The HU hosts over 35,000 students from 125 countries, all with diverse languages and backgrounds. The individuals who partake in their educational programming and practice-oriented research, in partnership with governments, companies, and other institutions, make a significant impact on the region and society.

Traditionally, the HU hosts thousands of prospective students on campus during their Open Days and Open Evenings events. Designed to give a preview of campus life and community, individuals learn about entry requirements and program course content directly from professors and students. A meet-and-greet and a tour of the amazing campus and facilities follow, making these events extremely for prospective students deciding on a program and career path.

When COVID-19 forced Hogeschool University to cancel their popular on-campus events, they needed to pivot to a virtual format while retaining engagement and connections.

  • Recreate the same in-person experience in a new virtual format
  • Still needed to meet enrollment quotas
  • Host multilingual events
  • Needed hundreds of virtual info/Q&A sessions
  • Over 400 small and personalized virtual admissions events
  • Connections through chats with professors, students, and alumni
  • Recurring/Clone virtual sessions over Zoom
  • Continue the conversation with attendees post-event using their marketing automation platform

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The HU helps 9,000 attendees connect to campus community through virtual sessions