Wow! Over the last 18 months we’ve received amazing feedback from you, our customers and partners, about and how our apps are making payment processing and event management easier. Your success is what drives our business, so we’ve used those insights to inspire even more innovation and improvements for you.

We feel it’s important to introduce a new chapter of our business to signify the scale of change we’ve put into place – one that highlights our stability, trust, transparency, and maturity with a new identity that reflects our roots, culture, and future.

Most important, we want to say thank you. What we’ve accomplished so far wouldn’t be possible without you. We’ve become better together, which has become even more relevant during a global pandemic. But despite the challenges, we’ve grown, because with growth comes opportunity. With adversity comes the challenge to adapt. Much like the Blackthorn tree, we continue to grow “to not only survive but also thrive” despite rocky ground.

Starting July 1, customers, partners, and prospects can enjoy new ways for to get help faster, more online educational resources, and more time with us to help solve important business challenges. Why? Because as we continue to grow, we remain committed to providing you with the best products and next-level customer support.

The Benefit to You

  • More mature products: We’ve built our apps to meet the needs and requests of our customers. We’ve improved our QA processes to help reduce post-release bugs and make updates more bulletproof. Our products are easier to use thanks to research, better testing, and cleaner update releases.
  • More support hours and options: We’re rolling out a thicker red carpet with quarterly, strategic check-in’s, increased hours in support plans and chatbot services to speed up or even eliminate case creation, all at no additional expense.
  • Live, online product help and better training: We’re improving the ways customers and partners learn about our product. Get product research and sales questions faster with live, online help through our new chatbot. Learn how you can use our apps with better documentation and short product training videos. Salesforce integration and app partners can now better serve their clients through our new partner programs.
  • Shared expertise: Learn about how others are doing things differently. We’re taking our expertise, combined with the expertise from industry leaders and, most importantly, our customers, and sharing that with you through demos, articles and stories, webinars, short videos and more.

Our Growth Milestones

  • Scaled team from 7 to 20 and are currently hiring, despite the economic downturn.
  • 106 new customers (49 to 155 across both applications) while still maintaining a consistent level of commitment to our customers.
  • 90 new Salesforce implementation and product partnerships, allowing us to spend our time on improving our products instead of implementing them.
  • 138 features in our apps combined. Since 2018, We’ve gone from 0 to 67 features for our Events application, including virtual event functionality. For Payments, we’ve added key features, including a full Stripe integration, and mobile and agent payments, making it the most flexible app for Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud users.
  • We’ve helped our customers complete thousands of support cases. The nature of our support cases has changed to education instead of just fixing, as evidenced by our AppExchange reviews.
  • App Awareness and market visibility has been largely organic“without significant outside investment” driven by strong partner relationships. Our community uses and recommends our apps because they like working with Blackthorn’s team and love how easy they are to use.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we aim to serve you better, help you thrive, and empower you to succeed by doing more with the time and tools you have.

So now it’s time – time to share the updates we’ve made that make our products easier to use and increase the level of support you receive. If you haven’t yet, try out our app for free, or reach out to our team to simply say hello. We’re here for you, now and in the future.