We see things differently.

It’s a rare opportunity to work with a team committed to transforming the way we look at the world. Meet AerialSphere, a company that is taking mapping solutions to new heights.

AerialSphere creates immersive experiences by combining 360-degree aerial imagery with precise location data, enabling viewers to see locations and topographical features from vantage points that were once unattainable. Unlike vertical (top-down) or oblique (45-degree) mapping, AerialSphere offers a 360-degree panoramic view of a location that can be zoomed in at any angle. Imagine piloting your own course through a 3D map of the US; only the map is incredibly sophisticated. The best way to understand AerialSphere’s technology is to experience it, either through one of their virtual tours or by “flying” around their XP360 coverage map.

AerialSphere Before Blackthorn

AerialSphere’s technology is used by real estate agencies, commercial developers, city planners, and universities to augment their city and event planning by gaining a deeper understanding of their surroundings. Depending on their specific needs, AerialSphere customers can access the technology on a subscription basis or pay for on-demand experiences.

Before Blackthorn, AerialSphere managed their subscriptions and invoicing in a program not designed for complex financial data. It required a lot of upkeep, and the time lost was prohibiting their growth. They quickly realized they needed a solution that was on par with their API offering’s analytics. Enter Blackthorn.

AerialSphere was introduced to Blackthorn by Stripe. Stripe knew Blackthorn’s integration with Salesforce would be a huge asset to the AerialSphere team. Along with enabling AerialSphere to streamline their operations, Blackthorn Payments significantly cut down the time they were spending reconciling invoices. In addition, the ability to make quick subscription updates while talking with their customers empowered their sales and support teams to serve their customers better. And having all their financial data in one place revealed variations of their API subscriptions they could offer based on the documented needs of their customers. Ryan Schaefer, Chief Revenue Officer of AerialSphere, noted, “Blackthorn has given us a customization level we didn’t have before.”

“Blackthorn is a tremendous partner of ours. They put a human touch to technology and really provided the right solution when we needed it.” , Chief Revenue Officer of AerialSphere