How does Fringe Work?

Employers award their employees points. Those points can then be spent on the Fringe platform, which features over 300 vendors. Along with giving monthly benefits and rewards for a job well done or a milestone reached, Fringe is being used to celebrate anniversaries and incentivize referrals. The Fringe platform offers benefits that can be personalized to support employees’ lifestyles, reduce stress, and spark joy.

Fringe Before Blackthorn

Fringe memberships are subscription-based. Initially, Fringe was using Quickbooks to manage their invoices and track rewards given by employers to employees. With only a part-time bookkeeper, the manual entry and time required to reconcile the point system, manage subscription updates, other fees, vendor accounts, and new customer onboardings became too burdensome, especially as Fringe began to scale. As their customer volume grew, it became apparent that to advance their growth, Fringe needed a solution that could handle subscriptions and centralize their financial data in one location.

Why Fringe Chose Blackthorn: The Most Flexible Stripe + Salesforce Integration

“No matter what happens, no matter what challenge you have along the way, Blackthorn’s team is going to partner with you on a deep level to ensure the product delivered is exactly what you need it to be.” – Andrew Dunlap, Co-Founder of Fringe.

Having used some of Stripe’s services in the past, Fringe knew they wanted to leverage Stripe Billing for subscription management. And because they were already heavily relying on Salesforce as their CRM, Stripe recommended they utilize Blackthorn Payments.

Built inside of Salesforce, Blackthorn Payments lets teams like Fringe create customizable subscription workflows to process credit, debit, and ACH payments directly from their org, all while connecting PCI-Compliant Stripe transaction data to customer records.

For Andrew Dunlap, Co-Founder of Fringe, Blackthorn was the solution they were looking for.

“Blackthorn now sits at the center of all of our billing. It removed the lift of having to manually create and send invoices and helps us tie paid invoices to all of our Salesforce data for a clean audit trail. We’ve automated the entire invoicing process through Blackthorn with Salesforce, and have seen a huge ROI since implementing Payments.”

Fringe’s Success

Being able to rely on a single source of truth via their Salesforce CRM has given Fringe the freedom to scale. Today, Fringe is helping employers delight employees in 35 different countries and has been featured in top publications like Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc.

Blackthorn Features Used


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