We’re obsessed with making accepting and processing payments in Salesforce fun and easy. A big part of fine-tuning and expanding our payment offerings has been helping customers increase their checkout conversions and enhance their buyer experience on a global scale.

Our newest release, Stripe Checkout for PayLink, enables us to support a wide range of international currencies and, with that, our international customers and their expansion plans. To say we’re excited by the possibilities is an understatement.

Above all, we understand the importance of choice when it comes to payments, Stripe Checkout enables us to give our customers and their customers the power of choice without complications. So it only made sense for us to combine the advantages of PayLink with Stripe Checkout. Together they offer a complete and secure payment flow on the frontend, while transactional data is captured in Salesforce on the backend.

Tell me more about Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout is a pre-built checkout page designed with global businesses in mind. Along with offering a first-class checkout experience, Stripe Checkout makes taking payments from anywhere worldwide secure and easy.

What benefits can it offer my team?

Higher Conversions and Faster Checkouts

Stripe Checkout dynamically adapts to your customer’s device and location. Its responsive design:

  • Automatically presents the payment method most likely to convert based on your customer’s location.
  • Supports over 25 languages and 135 currencies.
  • Surfaces the option to use Google Pay or Apple Pay based on your customer’s mobile device.
  • Reduces friction by auto-completing address information, validates card information in real-time, provides descriptive error messages, and auto-identifies card brand.
  • Securely protects transactions from fraud, and is PCI compliant and SCA-Ready.

What is PayLink?

PayLink is Blackthorn Payments customizable, mobile-responsive payment request form. A unique link (PayLink) is generated for every transaction created that can be emailed or shared using automation with your customer. This link can be rolled up to your transaction parent in Salesforce, such as opportunities, making keeping your financial data organized a breeze. The payment request form can be configured to include additional fields and to have your user interface branded with your company’s logo and colors.

PayLink supports credit card and ACH payments, and now with Stripe Checkout, a longer list of international currencies.

See Stripe Checkout with PayLink in Action

Will Stripe Checkout be Available for Blackthorn Events?

YES! Coming soon, event registrants will be able to pay for events and sessions using global currencies!

Ready to expand your global reach and optimize your payment experience? Talk with one of our experts to schedule a demo.