Retail e-commerce sales are projected to make up almost 14% of total retail sales by 2021, more than doubling its contribution since 2012 (6%). But what you might find surprising is that most customers are dissatisfied with the online shopping experience.

Shopkeep notes that one of the key reasons customers don’t purchase online is a long and exhausting checkout process. These are customers who WANT to buy your product but are turning away because it’s too hard to pay.

Taking a payment is an easy place to reduce friction in the buying process. The good news is there’s a solution.

Retailers using Salesforce Service Clouds’ Chat App (Live Agent) to create and manage relationships have the option to use a solution called Blackthorn Chat Payments.

How Payments in Salesforce Chat (Live Agent) works:

  1. When a customer wants to use a new card or update existing card information, agents send a pre-generated link created automatically on the customer’s record through the chat window conversation.
  2. Once the customer clicks on the link, a window appears to input card data.
  3. Card numbers are sent directly to payment gateways through secure APIs, meaning information is NOT stored in Salesforce or on other platforms. Dates, amounts, and payment status are stored on a related Transaction record.

Keeping customer data secure is a top priority for retailers. And Blackthorn is no stranger to the need; it’s the main reason for the creation of our PCI-compliant Chat Payments solution.

Help your customers get the right products at the right time by taking the process out of paying for products.

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