Event registration is a vital process for successful event planning. It only takes a few off-putting experiences to forego attending at the beginning of an event entirely. Due to this, it’s recommended that a business makes their registration hassle-free and easy to do.

But, what elements can go wrong with the registration process? How does one know what aspects to focus on and what to prevent? As a business, some common errors happen during event registration.

Some of these include invalid ticketing, no car parking, lack of first aid, and overall just a bad experience trying to purchase tickets. So, focusing on eliminating the risk of any of these instances can help reduce the chances of the process becoming unlikeable for the potential attendee.

Let’s take a closer look at why event booking is so critical, and consider some common fixes to help ensure that the process goes well.

Why Is Event Registration Crucial to Event Success?

Event registration is crucial to the event’s overall success due to a few factors. Mainly, registration is how a company gets attendees to sign up whether it be on the Smartphone, computing platform, or in-person. If the registration process is complex or doesn’t have enough accommodations, then by default, an attendee will instead spend their time somewhere else.

Below are a few reasons why event registration is so necessary:

  • It secures attendees by creating an incentive
  • It helps secure a potential revenue and payment
  • It makes the first impression on the audience
  • Impacts their satisfaction levels

Crucial Problems to Avoid During Event Registration

Now that you understand why event registration software is essential, let’s learn the potential dangers. Firstly, there is no such thing as perfect event booking. If there is, it’s still improbable, which is why companies should always have a backup plan and safety net data for when things do go wrong. So, let’s take a closer look at event registration information that almost always goes wrong and how a company can be prepared to deal with these situations.

Delayed In-Person Registration

In-person registration is one of the critical instances where things can go wrong. If a company isn’t using event booking software such as Attendease or Boomset, registration is prone to errors. Using event management systems and software can help reduce the risk of human error and give a company the extra analytics of what to expect for booking and turnout.

Not only that, but the software also helps attendees by making the booking hassle-free and straightforward. Instead of purchasing a ticket at the door and having no idea of the number of tickets left, attendees can quickly check and buy online. Other tools include ticket scanning, which can help reduce the overall wait time for the audience and help get everyone into the venue quickly.

Problems with Parking and Event Access

Parking and access to the event venue are the most critical aspects of the event booking process that can go wrong very quickly. If the audience can’t find parking spots or even get to the event, then it’s likely that they won’t show up. Additionally, if attendees also have to go through a very complex process to get into the building, they will likely choose not to attend at all.

Another problem is that parking may not be substantial enough for the event. Structures can also shut down for repair on the day of the event without much-given notice. Other than that, attendees may find themselves having to walk further to the venue, and the audience who rely on transit may not have any close stops near the event.

The solution to avoiding this issue is to head to the venue ahead of time and look at parking yourself before signing the contract. Being able to accurately see the venue’s parking can help a company learn enough to accommodate space and what elements could make parking difficult.

Non-Compliance with COVID-19 Regulations

Current world impacts can highly influence what needs to be considered at in-person events for event guidance. For modern-day events, COVID-19 events guidance is mandatory to avoid breaking any legal rules or regulations. Aside from that, companies have to prioritize social gathering rules and accommodations such as hand sanitizers, masks, etc., even with outdoor event guidance.

Not Enough First Aid Staff on Site

When there is a big gathering, it’s always essential to have first aid staff on site. The reason for this is that even if the event itself is not dangerous or there is a reduced likelihood that anything could happen, there still may be reasons for first aid. If a participant has a health condition or an accident while on stage, it’s crucial to have first aid staff to help ensure the safety of guests.

But, that begs the question, how many first aiders do you need for an event? For most events, businesses find it safe to have two first aid responders per every 1,000 attendees. This ratio ensures enough first aid responders to take care of any potential risks. Due to covid, we recommend having a few more first aid staff on site.

Event Registration Important Elements

The importance of event booking should already clearly be lined out by now. However, there are still factors that can influence how the registration process can go. If a company is looking for the best possible outcome, then they should focus on information such as:

Event Participation

Event participation hypes the event up and can attract new attendees for future events. Growing a successful campaign can be tricky, but a few tips can make things go smoothly. So, how can you increase participation in events?

Focus on fun and exciting ways to bring the community together. This includes:

  • Making the city a part of the event
  • Tell a story that’s relatable and interesting
  • Make the experience unique and personalized
  • Make the audience feel appreciated by sending personal invites or reminders
  • Use social media, radio stations, and the use of an event promotion email template as incentives
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other events

Event Attendance Statistics

Understanding relevant event attendance statistics is also crucial to creating an event. Without understanding what does and doesn’t work, especially during COVID, it can be challenging to plan ahead of time. The best course of action is to rely on event data software or websites such as Bizzabo.

Event Attendance Follow-Up

Following up on attendance includes reminders for the event, a pre-event follow up email, check-ins, and even following up data and attendees after the event is over. Adding this extra layer of communication between coordinators and attendees can create a more intimate and positive experience. It also demonstrates to attendees that the company cares and values them as individuals.


Event registration is just one part of the whole event process, but it has the most potential at affecting how attendees view the company. So, it’s important to always thoroughly plan out the event booking process to help get the event off to a good start. Implementing the methods mentioned above can help avoid any errors and make the event go smoothly. Hopefully, we’ve helped you better understand designing and creating a valuable and successful event registration.