Patients and community members today expect a personalized experience at every step of their health journey. Initial interactions with receptionists or contacts over the phone or online are critical to engaging patients and driving loyalty.

Patients or community members searching for health-related education call their local hospital to get information on classes or sessions. Soon-to-be mothers looking to sign up for birthing classes, or someone wanting to know their risk of heart disease are just a couple of examples. And with recent social distancing, events like these that have gone virtual are even easier for patients to attend because they never have to leave their home.

The problem is that an updated, searchable list of programs and events is rarely accessible to phone agents. So they transfer the call to a department, frequently routing them to a voicemail or directly back to the initial receptionist. The programming created for that specific individual gets lost in call routing or messages, and the patient cannot take advantage of the class or session.

What if the receptionist or agent could register individuals for a class or session without having to send them to someone else? Eliminate call routing and save time for multiple people across healthcare departments. The barriers of registration for patients (like getting information quickly) is broken down, which helps increase registrations. With Blackthorn Events Phone Registration, receptionists or call center teams can now efficiently help market healthcare events.

What are “healthcare programs and events?”

So what kind of programs or events can you increase registration for by using Blackthorn Events Phone Registration Feature? Any event! Here are a few examples specific to healthcare organizations, using a Florida-based hospital and outpatient health system as an example.

  • Clinician LecturesHealthcare research and practice implementation.
  • Community Classes and SeminarsBreast Cancer exercise programs, First Aid training, Family planning, and birthing courses, or preventative health courses.
  • Health ScreeningsHeart & Vascular Screenings to determine the risk of heart disease.
  • Third-party provider events: Home health, assisted living, or medical device education.

How does Blackthorn Events Phone Registration work?

  1. A patient or member calls the hospital or organization wanting to learn more about a specific need or an upcoming seminar, lecture, class, or screening.
  2. The phone agent or receptionist or whoever handles the call pulls up the individual’s information, or creates a new lead or contact. Located on the right agents will find an events window in the related lists section.
  3. After identifying the individuals’ needs and that an event at the hospital can help them, the agent can pull up the event and register the individual (Event search from the contact or lead record coming in June 2020).
  4. After registration, an attendee record gets created that relates to the contact or lead record, so the agent and others in the future can see which events individuals found relevant, registered, or attended.

Create events, landing pages, and forms with clicks, not code.

So what about creating the events? Blackthorn Events was created natively in Salesforce, meaning event planners can use standard click-control of Salesforce records to create beautiful, branded event landing pages, customize registrations forms, and embed them into existing website pages. Recurring events, cloning, and session features help planners save time when duplicate existing events. Get a full list of our features for virtual events and in-person events. Check out what other event planners have to say about our solution via our AppExchange reviews.

There you have it. Our holistic event management solution streamlines creating and delivering outstanding events to your patients and community members, whether you invite and register them over the phone, via email, or online.

Are you interested in learning more? Reach out today, or install the app in a sandbox or test org with our free 21-day trial. Full functionality will be available in June 2020.