Virtual events are here to stay. We’ve helped institutions like The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, and non-profits like IVL create virtual events at scale and with impressive success. The HU saw over 9,000 attendees join 400 engaging admissions events (more attendees than their in-person events)!

Our upcoming release will showcase our most significant innovation since March towards managing virtual events. Customers using GoToWebinar, Zoom (meetings and webinars), and Webex can manage all virtual event data and reporting in Salesforce, which has several benefits for event planners:

  • Simplify Virtual Event Planning Logistics: Connect webinar accounts to Salesforce to create new webinars without leaving Salesforce.
  • No Attendee Data Imports/Exports: Automatically register attendees to the webinars from our customizable landing pages and registration forms or directly from your event records in Salesforce. No import/export of Zoom data is needed!
  • Auto-Marked Attendance: Attendees who join the meeting or webinar are automatically updated from Registered Attendee in Salesforce. This is MAGICAL and very powerful for post-event communications using marketing automation tools like Marketing Cloud.
  • Powerful Reporting: Utilize Salesforce’s powerful reporting to gain insight, such as who attended your event, which events are most popular, which events resulted in the highest ROI and more.

So how does it work?

The setup is simple. From the App Launcher, go to Webinar Accounts and add a new account. Select your webinar provider, enter your credentials, and click authorize. Your webinar account will automatically populate with Name, Email, and Organizer Keys.

From the Event Record, click Create Webinar, select the webinar account that you previously authorized, and your Webinar ID information is automatically added to the event.

I’m already using Blackthorn. How do I enable this feature?

Full instructions for this setup process can be viewed in our documentation.

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These are just a few of the many benefits of managing your entire event process, including virtual and in-person events, entirely in Salesforce with Blackthorn Events. From event setup to post-event surveys and reporting, we’ve got you covered!

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