Waitlisting is a great way to collect information from every interested visitor – even those who were unable to sign up. And if you’re using Salesforce to manage your prospects and customers, there are huge benefits to using waitlisting within a native event management solution.

Because Blackthorn Events is 100% native, users control all aspects of waitlisting and events and can view registrants related to current leads and contacts without leaving their org.

An example of the benefit: If the waitlisted individuals are contacts you’ve identified prior to the event as important, you can justify adding more seats – or another session depending on the number of waitlisters – to engage them.<

A quick dive on Blackthorn’s waitlisting feature capabilities

  • Create an automatic waitlist for any event, simple or complex. Start a waitlist that automatically triggers when your event reaches capacity, a specific event item sells out, or when a session reaches capacity.
  • Create waitlists for specific registrants or ticket types. Send a private invite to certain individuals in your database first, then open it up later to the public. Setting a capacity based on member type or ticket type makes this possible. Ticket types include member, non-member, paid, free, etc.
  • Create waitlists for different sessions. Sessions often vary in capacity based on room size. Set waitlists based on sessions or segments of your events.
  • Send an open-registration notification with a single click. When you’re ready to invite waitlisted individuals, update the Attendee’s Registration Status to “Pending…”
  • Save time with email templates and pre-filled forms. An automatic email (we provide handy templates) gets sent to the attendee, inviting them to complete their registration through AttendeeLink, complete with pre-filled information.
  • Make sure waitlisters respond when they get an invite to register. Don’t miss an opportunity because waitlisted individuals decide they’re not interested anymore but haven’t removed themselves from the list. Specify a time limit to register in the automatic email sent directly to them. You can also see on the attendee’s invite link if they’ve viewed their invite or if it’s still sitting in their inbox.
  • Hand-select waitlisted attendees. Choose the right individuals for your event. Coming Soon: Auto-add individuals to a waitlist as space becomes available.


Salesforce allows organizations to better serve the needs of their customers and create personalized interactions that help both customers and organizations succeed, and events are a vital part of this process. Blackthorn makes event management more efficient. See the value of your events tied directly to your organizational goals and focus on building lasting relationships instead of processes.

A few benefits of using Salesforce and Blackthorn Events

  • Tie fundraising efforts directly to events. Fundraise and engage through events simultaneously. Use our donation features or push donor data from other third-party donation forms to your org and payment gateways safely and securely.
  • Boost event attendance by pairing Salesforce campaigns and marketing automation with Blackthorn. Use Marketing Cloud, Pardot, or other marketing platforms to promote events and connect attendees to our customizable, intuitive event registration pages and forms.
  • Keeping your data safe and secure. Because of our background in payment processing, we know the importance of keeping ALL of your customer and constituent data secure.
  • Skip the time-consuming, manual data moves. If you’re using an event management app outside of Salesforce, transfer data from one platform to another is sometimes a hassle. On top of that, event management software with a Salesforce Integration might not work as well as a 100% Salesforce-native solution when you have unique event needs.
  • Smart updates to the Events user Interface. To better guide users from the event detail page to completed registration, we’re making continuous improvements to our UI. Check out the most recent updates!

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