If you’re hosting events across the globe with individuals of different nationalities and languages, multi-language support is a must. Help your event attendees avoid confusion and frustration by offering event landing pages and online registration entirely in their native language.

Google translate is a good option for simple translations but often does not translate all aspects of a page such as buttons. That’s where Blackthorn Events comes in. Our native Salesforce application utilizes both Google translate and a data dictionary of your own terms to fill in the blanks that Google misses. Ensure language compatibility for all of your events with Blackthorn.

Multiple Languages to Choose From

Blackthorn allows you to customize words, phrases, and sentences on all buttons and elements of your event landing pages, calendars, and registration forms in Salesforce. This is great if Google Translate is not translating correctly, or you want to override a value with your label, you can manually define the correct label for your event. If you need help with proper translation, you can also get help from a professional translator.

Entering info into the Data Dictionary

Registrants can then select from a list of languages to register for online or in-person events. Take a look at our short overview video for more information or read our documentation.

Easy Event Management in Salesforce

With Blackthorn’s native Salesforce app, you can plan, invite, register, run, and report all from within your Salesforce application. Centralize your data and make real-time event changes simply by changing Salesforce fields.

Blackthorn now supports online events as well. Utilize your conferencing tools such as Zoom, Vimeo, Adobe Connect, and more. Bypass your conferencing registration forms and use Blackthorn’s customizable forms to log registrant information automatically into Salesforce. Auto-update attendee status to “attended” and harness the power of Salesforce’s reporting to gain insight into your online events.

Create an Event Today

If you’re not already a Blackthorn customer, get started today with a free trial or talk to a sales expert for more information.