Teams using Salesforce Communities to interact with existing members of their campus communities can easily create in-person and virtual events using Blackthorn Events native Salesforce application. These branded event registration pages can be used for everything from college campus admission events to healthcare information sessions. Salesforce administrators can set up event branding and event templates so that event planners with Community licenses can easily create basic events and invite guests without needing a full Salesforce cloud account.
This leaves event planners with more time to work on other essential tasks. Salesforce Communities are branded spaces for your employees, customers, and partners to connect. These spaces are customizable, and with the power of Blackthorn, you can add event registration elements like event landing pages, event lists, and calendars. Our event builder can manage both simple and complex events, giving teams the flexibility to use it for any type of event on your campus.
Interactive events list in a Salesforce Community


Registration for your events is simple. Once a user signs in to your Community, it authenticates the user so you can cater which events, member-specific tickets, and discounts that particular user sees. Additionally, existing information in Salesforce pre-populates for that user so they can quickly register and checkout.

A great example is campus orientation events at universities. Student life and academic teams can personalize the orientation experience and create a sense of community before admitted students even step on campus. Cater your dorm roommate meetings to students or other required sessions that familiarize them with your campus. When parents log in, they can see sessions relevant to them, such as Completing Financial Aid or Learn about Campus Safety.

Blackthorn Events is a native to Salesforce application, meaning all of your attendee information is securely stored and organized within Salesforce. Attendee records are created upon registration and related to a lead or contact. For virtual events, attendance status is updated automatically to attended once they join the webinar or virtual meeting.
Salesforce report of attendees at virtual alumni event

Simplify and standardize your event creation process while creating a sense of community with Blackthorn Events integration with Salesforce Communities. Start with a free trial today or talk to a sales expert for more information.