Conferences and events measure their success with three things: participant satisfaction, the actual production, and the ability for customers to make business contacts during these events. There is a lot of planning involved in events in order to get an event together. Event registration is one of the more important service options at an event, and the event registration desk offers the location to do it.

What Is an Event Registration Desk?

You may wonder, what is a registration table? The event registration desk is also known as an event registration table at a conference. The registration desk is essentially a place where all conference issues can be handled. There are other reasons to have an event registration desk as well. For example, should there be a sudden cancellation for the event, the registration desk can let everyone know. The desk can also be a tool to collect data of who plans to attend, and whom these participants should expect to see.

For corporate events, an effective event registration table can generate a sense of belonging. It can provide a location for meetings between individuals, and even a place to ask questions about the speakers. It can also help facilitate the process and allow the event to move quickly and smoothly. Feedback can be collected, and plans for post-event meetings can be generated here as well.

What Is the Purpose of Having a Registration Desk at an Event?

Professional conferences need a registration desk because it facilitates a location for business connections. It provides an opportunity to meet new contacts, and connect with old ones, on-site. For example, registration desks allow for name tag production, computerized records, and the ability to manage a participant database.

What Are the Best Practices for Running a Successful Event Registration Table?

Because registration is the first step in a successful event, it is essential you note down a few event registration tips to ensure you get the right information to the right people. For example, you should know how to set up a registration table and custom event registration signs. Also, where is the best place for the registration table?

You also may need to ensure that you have security on-site, and the ability to report any information quickly if necessary. Overall, a registration table is essential to ensure good customer service.

11 Tips for Running a Successful Event Registration Table

  • Use great registration software
  • Make sure you have strong wifi
  • Have enough employees to work the event
  • Be ready for any questions
  • Keep a good attitude
  • Be ready for anything
  • Have a good time and mingle with participants
  • Be present
  • Make it easy to get around
  • Train your staff
  • Have a nice display table
  • Keep your email and web reports in order

Checklist for Your Event Registration DeskĀ 

As an event planner, you will spend a lot of effort preparing for your events. The registration experience is no exception to that, which is why you should use these conference registration ideas. But what items need to be prepared for a registration desk for a conference? The table should have names of people in the industry, and this can be cross-referenced with event software. Use this registration table checklist before your next event:

  • Event name badges or name tags: Although people tend to say their names when meeting, it is easier if everyone has a name tag on. This way everyone can feel automatically more comfortable when introducing themselves. Especially for those who have names that may be hard to pronounce. It can help everyone make a great impression right off the bat.
  • Offer branded lanyards as a gift: Although you could offer another memorable gift with the name of the event, branded lanyards are great because they can hold name badges and IDs in place. It avoids damage to clothing and gives people something to take home (and reminds them to sign up next year).
  • Offer ribbons: These might include options like “sponsor”, or “attendee”, even “exhibitor”. To make small talk easy and help the volunteers know who they are speaking to.
  • Organizer for all of the above: Because the volunteers or employees may have a lot on their plate, staying organized will be essential. Having somewhere where the badges, lanyards, and ribbons can all sit together is a great way to do that.
  • Create envelopes for registration: Having envelopes with everything attendees need is a great option because it means that things will move quicker, and everyone will have everything they need for the day.
  • Clear signs: Having banners and signs that clearly state what is what, and where everything is will make the day easier, and more enjoyable for everyone.

For On-Site Registration/Check-in Types

  • Laptops
  • Print servers (laptops with uninterrupted Internet backup)
  • Printers (to print badges on the spot)
  • Tablets
  • Scanners (to scan QR codes or bracelets)
  • Terminals (for immediate transaction needs)

Top Conference Registration Table Ideas

If you have experience in the conference industry then you know that technology is the backbone of a successful event. In an emergency though, you should be prepared to have everything be self-service if computers go down. Here are a few conference registration ideas to help conference registration go smoothly.

  • Print name badges the day before
  • Have a separate list for teams who have prepaid
  • Be sure that all participant information is available at the registration desk
  • Have hardcopy backups in case technology fails

Getting Ready for Your Conference

As the management of an event or seminar, issues may arise. Despite this, the best plan is to have an easy-to-use registration system. It should be accessible through mobile devices, but also be able to be used by printing out a piece of paper. This way, regardless of what occurs on the big day, it will go smoothly. When in doubt, over plan and over-prepare. It will make for a day that is less stressful, and a lot easier. Simply pull out your checklist and mark things off the night before, and watch as it unfolds before you.