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 From payment method security (PCI-DSS) to personal information (PII), Blackthorn Compliance helps you quickly find and secure sensitive data throughout your entire Salesforce Org.

Secure in Salesforce

If your team uses Salesforce for Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case, API to Case, Customer Communities, or to store any external communication, your organization may be at risk of non-compliance. If your customers are potentially sending their credit card numbers, social security numbers, email addresses, or other sensitive information, compliance is non-negotiable. BT Compliance provides companies with automated data masking on any Salesforce object, reducing the liability risk of sensitive information exposure.

Reduce your Risk

The risk posed by unsecured payment cards or personal information is not one to be taken lightly. The minute your business is not PCI or data compliant, you open your organization up to the risk of information data breaches and theft, which can result in substantial penalties, fraud, and chargebacks. Not to mention the hefty legal costs and customers lost. If your business experiences a data security breach, you may lose your ability to process credit card payments.


With Blackthorn Compliance you take control of your data within Salesforce. Keep security in check and be confident knowing you are compliant with PCI & personal data regulations.

Uncover Sensitive Data

Find and automatically mask credit card numbers and PII in Salesforce records, support cases, custom fields and objects, and more.

Audit all Communication

Detect credit card numbers or sensitive information in emails, email attachments, or SMS before it ever enters Salesforce.

Audit Effortlessly

Schedule automatic audits to find and mask any existing sensitive data, catching issues before impact.


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Gain confidence for your Annual Assessments and Attestations. With Blackthorn Compliance, you can ensure no sensitive data slips through the cracks.