Basic and Complex Subscription Billing

Let’s face it; subscription models are often complex. Say you have 50 customers on subscription plan A, 75 on plan B, and 100 on plan C. How do you keep track of who is on what, who has and hasn’t paid, revenue generated from each subscription plan, etc.? Now imagine a world where your subscription plans and customer data live in sync. Never again will you need to switch between programs to view customers and their subscriptions or manually send invoice data. With Blackthorn Payments integration with Stripe, you can create, manage, and edit subscriptions directly from your Salesforce account.

Whether you’re just getting started with subscription-based billing or you’ve been at this for a while but need help connecting your billing data with Salesforce, Blackthorn Payments has you covered. For businesses using Salesforce to manage customer relationships, being able to create and manage billing and transactions entirely in Salesforce is a game-changer. Better cash flow management, increased customer retention, and better financial forecasting are just a couple of benefits. And for businesses already using Stripe for subscriptions but aren’t sure how to tie transactions and revenue to your Salesforce accounts, the Blackthorn Payments Stripe subscription integration can help you connect this information.

If you’re looking to scale your billing operations and originate subscriptions out of Salesforce, Blackthorn Payments has the most advanced, native-to-Salesforce billing app available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Basic and Complex Billing Options

Blackthorn offers two subscription options depending on your needs. The first option, Basic Subscriptions, utilizes Stripe Payments and is best for basic flat subscription fees month-over-month or other basic subscription needs. You have the full Salesforce functionality around things like reports, workflows, and the process builder along with the ability to relate transactions to opportunities and accounts. You can also set up your account to auto-process transactions on a due date.

For a more robust subscription billing setup, Complex Subscriptions might be a better option for your organization. This option utilizes Stripe Billing and includes everything in the basic package, plus features for more complex billing scenarios, like usage-based (metered billing), tiered pricing (different prices based on volume), and line item invoicing. Complex Subscriptions include invoicing and auto-processing along with automatic proration for changes made to subscriptions like upgrades and downgrades.

Endless Subscription Billing Possibilities

With a variety of subscription billing options, such as tiered plans, usage-based, multiple plans per subscription, or multiple subscriptions per customer, Blackthorn Payments Stripe Billing integration has you covered.

Combine the power of Salesforce and Stripe with Blackthorn Payments. Blackthorn lets you process credit/debit cards and ACH payments directly from your Salesforce account while remaining PCI-compliant. Transaction data is connected to your customers’ records through a unique transaction record, but the actual card and payment data are never stored within Salesforce.

Start a Stripe subscription within Salesforce from an account or opportunity and fill in the blanks. That data is automatically sent to your Stripe account, where a Stripe subscription is created, and invoicing information is automatically added to Salesforce. Your important invoicing documents and data are stored in Salesforce, where they are associated with your customer records. Never lose track of invoicing information again!

Report on all of your Stripe data in Salesforce using native reports and dashboards. Report on which accounts are producing the most revenue so that you can provide extra attention or customer support to those individuals. Having your Stripe data in Salesforce also makes forecasting a breeze to ensure your organization is on track for the future. Additionally, with the subscription billing dashboard, you can quickly and easily monitor ARR, MRR, LTV, churn, and revenue associated with your subscriptions.

Data Flow Flexibility

Blackthorn Payments has a bidirectional sync between Stripe and Salesforce. This means you can initiate subscription transactions from both inside and outside Salesforce. Create subscriptions from a desktop, mobile, or the Stripe dashboard, and automatically match data to Salesforce records. Manage all aspects, such as creation, updates, charges, refunds, usage-based billing, tiers, plans, Radar, and more. This synchronization of the two tools means that you get real-time feedback of success or failure after initiating a transaction. You have complete control and management of Stripe records inside of Salesforce.


Simplify Your Subscriptions

Simplify your subscription process with Blackthorn Payments Stripe Integration. Complicated subscription models, like usage and tiered pricing, are easily managed without ever leaving Salesforce. Keep your data up to date and in one place with Blackthorn Payments. Start with a free trial today, check out our quick demo, or talk to a sales expert for more information.

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