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Developer APIs

Fully documented Apex and REST endpoints that developers love.

Virtual Terminal

Process payments on any device with our configurable Lightning Component.

Scheduled Transactions

Auto-capture future payments with reattempt logic for failed transactions.

ACH Payments

ACH payments are easier, faster and cheaper than a regular wire transfer.

3-Minute Guided Setup

Installation to credit card payments within 3 minutes. No code required.

Payment Portal

A fully featured, authenticated payment portal for your customers.

Payment Processing

Credit And Debit Card Payments

Process payments using credit or debit cards. Rich card data, including brand, card type, and card status.

ACH Payment

Capture up to a $10,000 payment for a maximum Stripe fee of only $5. Micro-deposit verification supported from within Salesforce.

Partial And Full Refunds

Easy, two click refund processing. Partial refunds track the retained revenue on the original transaction.

Reduced Scope PCI

Meet PCI-DSS requirements for your payments just by using payment360. Reduced scope PCI compliance is supported out of the box.

Payment Automation

Scheduled Transactions

Transactions can be automatically captured on a future date by simply ticking a checkbox.

Batch Payment Processing

Process multiple transactions through payment360’s list view button or transaction scheduler, controlled through our Admin page.

Auto-Updated Cards

Stripe automatically updates card details when replacement cards are issued. payment360’s webhooks automatically update these cards in Salesforce.

Reattempt Engine

After a scheduled transaction fails to process, payment360’s reattempt engine will attempt to retry the payment method on configurable schedule.

Unique Features

Multiple Stripe Accounts

Multiple Stripe accounts can be connected to payment360, in order to specify the correct gateway to process each payment method and transaction through.


Your data is kept in-sync in real-time between Salesforce and Stripe through the use of payment360’s declarative webhooks.

Historical Sync

Through the use of a single button click, your historical payment methods and transactions can be synced from Stripe to Salesforce.

e-Commerce Support

Payment methods and transactions can originate from outside of Salesforce, syncing in real-time to Salesforce through payment360’s webhooks.

Disputes & Chargebacks

Full support for data and processes related to Disputes and Chargebacks.

Balance & Transfers

These objects will help your financial reporting, letting you know in real-time how much money Stripe is holding and the status of the transfers to your account(s).


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Invoices, Orders And Quotes

Manage the lifecycle of your sales documents from pre-sale through receipt issuance. Generate supporting documents to share with your customers.

Revenue Recognition

Specify when revenue should be recognized with flexible options.

Payment Scheduler

Create and manage flexible billing schedules for your customers.

Payment Allocation

Distribute payments across multiple orders, invoices, and line items.

Recurring Billings

Manage plans, proration, upsell and downsell scenarios for your recurring customers.

Items & Basic Inventory

Dynamic pricing rules, item bundling, and basic inventory to manage your products and services.

Payment Portal

Paid Add-On

Customer Portal With Social Logins

A fully featured, easy to use portal for your customers. Login access is provided through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social providers.

Beautiful, Responsive Design

Utilizing Google’s Material design and Angular 2, the payment portal is fast, works on all devices, and follows consistent, beautiful design patterns.

Custom Branding

Customize the portal to match your company’s look and feel, including your logo, colors, and other options.

Online Payments

Customers can receive a payment request link, enter a new payment method or choose from an existing one, and complete a checkout process on any device.

Invoices & Transactions

Our self-service portal gives customers the ability to access and download historical invoices and transactions.

Account Statements

Customize the portal to match your company’s look and feel, including your logo, colors, and other options.

Reports & Dashboard

Advanced Financial

Customize the portal to match your company’s look and feel, including your logo, colors, and other options.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Lightning-ready dashboards display snapshot overviews of your company’s fiscal status.

For Admins

3-Minute Guided Setup

From installation through setting up and connecting your Stripe account, payment360 can be live within minutes.

Dedicated Admin Page

Manage your transaction scheduler, granular automation control, and Transaction object parents all without code, from a single page.


Payment360 is built native to Salesforce, allowing all functionality to work perfectly with the Lightning UI, including our Lightning-ready Virtual Terminal.

Any Data Model

Transactions can relate to any object by point-and-click. The metadata API is utilized to build relationships automatically, without the use of code.

Process Builder & Workflows

Using point-and-click, admins can automatically create and process Transactions, send receipts, and much more without writing code.

Packaged Rollups

Our Transaction parent functionality allows for automated deployment of rollup fields, such as balance open and balance paid.

For Developers

Internal Apex APIs

Documented APIs can be called by Apex to auto-create transactions, associate payment methods, and other use cases.

External REST APIs

From a mobile app, authenticated Community page, or other external source, REST APIs can be called to work with payment360.

Customer Support


Email based support with a three business day response target.

Premium Inquire

One business day response target and rapid severity 1 SLA. Inquire for pricing and details.

For Partners


Pass our certification test to become a preferred partner. We'll then recommend you to customers for help!


In addition to referred customers, we'll co-market services with our strategic partnership.

ISV Partner

Couple payment360 with your app or custom solution.

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Install payment360 from the AppExchange for free.

The in-app setup wizard will help you get up and running in minutes from install to accepting payments.

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